For large complex projects it is usually worth investing in some professional consultancy before progressing to the design and development stage. In fact, it is often not possible (certainly not recommended) to begin a development until there is a sound understanding of what is to be delivered by all parties involved.

Resources spent in understanding the project at this stage are always rewarded and will save on time and and money in the long term. Spending £40K+ without a roadmap is not a good idea.  


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Whilst we normally work with existing established organisations, we often get approached by startups who are full of passion and have some fantastic ideas. In many cases these concepts turn into amazing commercial successes, but there are others who throw a lot of time and money into an idea that always looked doomed to fail. 

There are many obstacles in the way of building an online success and at 360innovate we would rather be honest with clients if we feel there are glaring problems. In many cases a simple alteration or shift in focus can turn the next MySpace into the next Facebook. 

Our feasibility consultancy ranges from an informal half day session chatting with appropriately experienced people, through to workshops lasting several days. 

Scoping and specification

From our perspective we need to understand the precise requirements of a project in order to ensure it is delivered as expected. For bigger projects with unique/bespoke functions a detailed technical specification is required. This should be drawn up by people with experience in web development and who are up to date with current technologies and best practice. If our clients do not already have this we can provide one for them. 

Ideally we would like to have established a good relationship with the client at this point, but there is no obligation for 360innovate to implement the work. Therefore, at the very least they will be in a position to hand over a specification to another agency and be confident that they will understand what has to be delivered.