Online Marketing and SEO

There are three fundamental aspects to any sustainable, successful online marketing campaign: Data, Research and Understanding. 

Everything we do is informed by these considerations, ensuring the work we deliver is relevant, valuable and focussed.

The first step for every project is extensive research and data-gathering. This allows us to produce bespoke recommendations for each client and ensure we are able to work effectively and efficiently towards relevant goals.

Our work can be split into four categories:

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a term that has a million different definitions. We use it to refer to the technical work that a site will need to maximise its chances of being crawled, indexed and ranked by search engines; and to the preparation, production, publication and promotion of content for that site.


Local is an offshoot of SEO and relates specifically to work that helps a site perform well in searches with local intent. This work is particularly important to businesses with local customers, either online or at a physical location.


Paid Search is all forms of paid media, primarily Google’s AdWords service but also encompassing other advertising services including Facebook Ads. There are often strong reasons to invest in paid advertising as a complement to other marketing services and we can help create an efficient and effective campaign.

Social Media

Social Media is a general term that covers a number of platforms. As with all of our work, we create unique strategies for each client. We focus on identifying and building communities and look to encourage positive engagement between businesses and their customers, wherever they interact.