Archers Sleepcentre

Successful online retailer Archers Sleepcentre has worked with 360innovate since 2006


Over the years Archers has tasked 360innovate to work on several ecommerce projects as the bed retailer's online sales grew.

Two versions of the website were developed with interface refinements and an overhauled codebase. 

After briefly taking development inhouse, Archers reworked the core of their site to create a completely bespoke ecommerce platform. They returned to 360innovate for support and all ongoing functional developments.

In addition to this we provide a consultancy service when additional functional solutions are required. 

From their first website, to online marketing, 360innovate have advised and supported Archers in becoming an online success.

Early site

Having created a reputation as an affordable bed retailer in Glasgow, Archers were initially looking to translate their bricks and mortar success to an online environment.

360innovate developed an ecommerce platform that allowed Archers to dip their toe in the water and begin to engage with potential customers throughout the UK. 

In addition to this we began the process of online marketing which was vital in the site gaining initial traction. 

Revised site

After an initial success with the first version of the website Archers tasked 360innovate with carrying out a redesign and redevelopment. This included a new ecommerce solution, a complete reworking of the admin area, and the migration of large volumes of content.

This second implementation of the Archers ecommerce site provided a more functional platform both for Archers' customers and their management team.  

Continuing relationship

With the current website performing exceptionally well, 360innovate now provide regular incremental enhancements as well as support and maintenance services.

We are delighted to be part of this continuing success story.