La Lanterna

A responsive website and original, engaging marketing have led to new success for this award winning restaurant.


Our relationship with La Lanterna has developed over a number of years, starting with a website in 2009; to continuing online marketing; and, most recently, a new responsive site to meet their current needs.

In the time we have spent working with La Lanterna we have helped to bring their reputation as one of Glasgow's most renowned eating establishments to the attention of an online audience, both locally and further afield. For forty years the restaurant has delivered both fine Italian cuisine and fantastic customer service. Their new responsive website reflects their commitment to excellence and their determination to deliver the best possible experience to customers.

The responsive nature of the site and the structure of the content management system maximise flexibility and longevity.

Responsive Design

Changing user behaviour was a major motivation for the development of a new website. Over one third of customers were visiting the website from a mobile device and the existing site was not best suited to serve those devices.

After discussions with the team at La Lanterna we were able to understand the key objectives for the new development and offer a solution. We looked to deliver increased control over the formatting and display of content to allow a more intuitive experience to be created for visitors.

The new site has been designed with a priority on the requirements of users, guiding them to the most commonly visited areas of the site and making it as easy as possible to find the information they require.


Glasgow is known for its wide range of great places to eat. Standing out in that crowded market is a challenge for any restaurateur and online marketing can be a valuable tool in facing that challenge.

For La Lanterna there were a number of online opportunities to take advantage of and our systematic approach has helped them to do that. From localised listings in the major search engines to targeted content for a particular audience, building an engaged online audience has served the restaurant well.

Through a combination of the marketing work we have done and, vitally, the restaurant’s own excellence, long-overdue recognition in the form of two major awards has been achieved.

Social Media

Building an engaged community around the restaurant’s brand has been a primary focus both for ourselves and for the client since we began working together. This is an area in which particular success has been achieved, with La Lanterna regularly listed amongst the most engaging local restaurants on social media.

It is through social media that votes have been gathered for major local and national awards, providing the opportunity for the restaurant to delight judges with their incredible food and personal service.

Beyond this, creative use of images, video and occasional competitions have helped to generate additional interest in La Lanterna and maintain a high level of engagement.