To Me Love Me

A new, responsive website, innovative marketing and efficient, effective strategy have led this online cosmetics retailer to the top of their market.


We worked with To Me Love Me to improve their visibility online and market their products to a relevant audience before developing a new, responsive website to better present their range to customers.

By any measure the results have been exceptional, with the brand gaining awareness from customers and revenue increasing significantly.

The new website makes it easier for mobile and tablet users to browse the store and complete transactions without switching device - leading to a further increase in sales.

Increases in revenue, orders and customer numbers have been significant as the brand has increased its share of the market.

Responsive Design

With traffic from mobile devices and tablets contiuing to rise it was apparent that To Me Love Me needed to develop a new site to make it easier for those users to view the products available and to make purchases without needing to switch device.

We discussed the important aspects of the redesign to understand their objectives and prepare a solution. Our plan was to both update the look and operation of the site's front-end and make it easier to use at the back end.

The new site has been designed to appeal to all users, regardless of what device they are using, making it simple to find products and buy them whenever is convenient.


Relying primarily on data for insights into the approach taken by customers in their interaction with the store – and particularly their purchasing behaviour – has allowed us to take decisions with specific commercial outcomes in mind.

Focusing on metrics that have a material effect on the company’s success means that we are able to demonstrate positive results in a tangible way. Our work is designed to bring new customers to the website and to encourage existing customers to return.

We develop our strategies, in concert with the client, to address specific challenges and opportunities as they present themselves.

Paid Search

Paid Search is one of the most potent weapons in To Me Love Me’s armoury. This is another area where data can be used to gain a significant advantage over companies operating in the same market.

An efficient Paid Search campaign can deliver a notable return on investment by avoiding wasted spend and delivering relevant customers to the appropriate parts of the website.

By taking a granular approach to this element of To Me Love Me’s marketing we are able to target specific products, specific event and even specific customers, leading directly to raised revenue and increased visibility.